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Banner Image Radius

One of the ways to make your design appear more gentle and soft is by using the technique of rounding images.

FluxBuilder supports rounded banner images. However, some of our clients found it hard to edit the Radius of the banner images (especially for the STATIC and HORIZONTAL banner type). In this guide, we will guide you how to adjust the roundness for STATIC and HORIZONTAL banner type.

Step 1: Open the app on FluxBuilder

Step 2: Go to the Home tab, in HOME LAYOUT, and select the banner that needs editing.

Step 3: Select a STATIC or HORIZONTAL banner type.

Step 4: Select or Add the banner image that needs adjusting in DATA

Step 5: Drag the Radius slider to increase or decrease it.

Step 6: Click UPDATE

Since the rounding will affect the widget that wraps around the image, make sure the image size is not significantly smaller than the widget size to achieve a more visually pleasing rounded effect by some of the recommended ways below

  • Adjust the Padding of the image:

  • Change the Image Resize: