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Change Languages’ Flag Image

When changing the language on an app, the flag associated with each language can help users quickly identify and select their preferred language.

If you're looking to update the flag of the language switcher in your app, such as one of our customers’ questions: “can i change the flag of the language switcher Arabic to UAE flag for example ?”, this guide will walk you through the process using FluxBuilder.

Step 1: Launch FluxBuilder and open your app project.

Step 2: Navigate to the Features section and select Export. Follow the instructions provided in this Import & Export guide to export the env.dart file.

Step 3: Locate the exported env.dart file on your local machine and open it using a text editor. Look for the script shown below:

Step 4: Within the script, find the line corresponding to the language you want to update (in this case, Arabic). Update the image link by replacing "icon": "image-link" with the desired image link. For example, you can set it to "icon": "UAE-flag-image-link".

Step 5: Save the modifications you made to the env.dart file.

Step 6: Return to FluxBuilder and import the modified env.dart file according to the instructions provided in this Import & Export guide.

That’s all :)