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Create API Keys for App Store

To install and publish your iOS App to Apple Store, you must have an apple developer account, and create API Keys.

Follow this guide for more detail. Or execute steps below:

Step 1: Visit page 

Step 2: Select Account and login with your apple developer account successfully:

Step 3: In Certificates, IDs & Profiles , select the Keys option:


Step 4: Click the + icon to add a new key:

Note: 1 developer apple account can only create 2 keys, please consider before creating. But you can still delete them if needed.

Step 5: Enter the key name and select Apple Push Notification service (APNs) then click Continue

Step 6: Click Register

Step 7: Click Download to download the APNs key file

That’s all. You have created and downloaded the APNs auth key (.p8 file) and save Key ID for using later.