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Use Special Products

One of our valued customers accidentally came and gave us this question: “Can I display some of products in the app not all. For example in WooCommerce I have 10 perfumes but in the app I want to show just 3 it can be or not?”

If you have the same question, the guide below will help you out.

On Home, we have a powerful layout called Horizontal Products that can show special products instead of full products of any category. You have the ability to choose these special products by following just a few simple steps.

  • Open your app on FluxBuilder, and navigate to Home config.
  • Add or select Horizontal Products on HOME LAYOUT to edit.

  • Enable Use Special Product and click ADD PRODUCT.

Now, feel free to search for the names of the products you need. That’s all!

Make your app easier with FluxBuilder. Enjoy!