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Mail Settings


Your customers will receive emails from Your App Builder. Let’s change the email information into yours. (White-label, no more FluxBuilder or InspireUI’s information).

Video guide:

Manual guide:

Go to your Admin page (refer to Introduction). On the left menu, select Mail Settings

1. Sender Information

Configure this screen to display the Logo image and some information of your business in the Footer position of the email, including:

  • Logo URL: show the Logo Image in the email.
  • Contact Support URL: this link will navigate to your Support page when customers click on Contact Support button on the failed build email.
  • Footer About URL
  • Footer Support Policy URL
  • Footer Privacy Policy URL
  • Footer Slogan: a short description about your business.
  • Footer Social (Optional): links to the sender's social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc.

Footer Social (Optional)

A successful build email with Sender Information

2. Sender Auth

Sender Authentication is an optional configuration.

In case the Agency do not edit the Sender Auth, the build result email will be sent to customers under the default email as this image:

Agency can edit the Sender Auth to change the account in the email to their own email:


Sender Auth require using SMTP Transport. SMTP is also the protocol used between different email hosts, so it’s truly universal. Almost every email delivery providers support SMTP based sending, even if they mainly push their API based sending.

On the Sender Auth screen, agency is required to:

  • Service: choose the Service of their email.
  • SMTP User: input the email.
  • SMTP Pass: input the SMTP password of their Service. To get the SMTP, agency should refer to their Service guide.
  • From: Input the Sender name with email as this format: sender name <email>


Important Note: If the Sender Auth is invalid, there will be no email is sent to customers. Thus, it is important to Send a Mail to check the Sender Auth.

After creating the Sender Auth successfully, you should send the first email to check if the email is sent successfully with the correct information:

  1. Click SEND A MAIL
  2. Input the recipient email, Subject and Content of the email
  3. Click Send
  4. Check the Response to make sure your email is sent successfully
  5. Open the receipt email in the Recipient email.

Successful Response for a valid Sender Auth

Unsuccessful Response for an invalid Sender Auth