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The products created here are the showcase of your existing apps. Your users can open and change their design, except saving.

Enable Product Settings in Settings to show products on the Dashboard screen of App Builder.

Add new Products

Click Product + to add a new product

  • Product Title is required (ex: FluxStore Listing)
  • You can add Description to give short interesting information lines about the app
  • Under the App Type & Image, select the type of app according to avaiable FluxStore apps and upload your image for the app

The changes will display on the Preview screen on the right hand side.

  • Now let upload the Design Config config_xx.json and Feature Config env.dart by clicking Update button
  • Click Create Product

You can go to the Customer Dashboard screen to open the app to check how it work.


  • The created products can be edited and removed. Point on the product and click the Edit button or Delete button.
  • You can sort out the products by clicking Filter and select any option to show products of the selected App Type.
  • Select Refresh button next to Filter button to reload all Products