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Templates ⚡️


In this section, you can import our UI Templates to show Templates on your App Builder page, so that your customers can use them for their apps, as image below.

You can upload your own App UI templates on the Admin page to share them with your customers on the App Builder page.

Import Template


Before importing, remember to go to Settings and upload your Preview Logo to change all of our logo images on these existing templates.

Click Import Template button.

  • In the list of existing templates, you can import by clicking on one or many templates (click and hold Ctrl / Command to select more).

  • Click the bottom Import Template button to finish.


    There is an Application tag on each existing template for you to actively select the correct one.

Add Template

Click [Add Template +] button to add your new template.

  • Input Title. When users click on the template, it will be displayed under the App Type.
  • Select the Application: FluxStore, FluxNews, FluxListing.
  • Upload the Cover Image to display a first Preview for users about the template.
  • Upload Design Config config_xx.json in accordance with the Cover Image by clicking Update.
  • Click Add Template + to finish.
On App Builder Page, it will show like this.


After adding or importing templates, you can edit or remove them by pointing out the template and clicking on the displaying Edit button or Delete button.