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App UIs

Design other UIs of your App easily and flexibly by drag&drop.

You can also configure to [Problem Internal Link] to App Store and Google Play.

App Templates

More than 30 app templates are available:

Logo on Login screen, Colors

Edit the Logo on Login screen: go to Features, select Theme Config, change the Theme Logo on the right panel:

Loading animation

Smart Engagement Banner

Display the Smart Engagement Banner on Home Screen.

A Smart Banner is a banner at the top of the screen that presents an option to download or open the app if the user chooses. Help your customers easily view an event, sale, or an important announce.


Product Horizontal

Add the Horizontal Products on Homepage of app:


Add the Testimonial Review on Homepage of your app. Help customers trust you:


Show the Instagram on your app’s Homepage:

Story slider

Show stories on your app’s Homepage:


Edit the Tabbar of your app:


Add the AppBar to your app:

Left menu (Side menu)

Edit the Side menu of your app: