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App Activation

This guide shows you how to activate your App and how to apply a discount coupon (if any).

1. Activate App on FluxBuilder

To activate the app to access other features, please refer to steps below:

Step 1 - Create New App or open your app:

Step 2 - Activate app: go to Subscribe on the left menu. Then, select the appropriate package for the app.

For other products, please refer to this guide.

2. How to create app after Subscribing on Website?

If you subscribed a plan successfully from official website or any webpage, please follow these steps below to create your app:

Step 1 - Download FluxBuilder. For Desktop version, make sure you are using version 2.0.5 or later__.

Step 2 - Sign up to FluxBuilder with your email that you have subscribed the plan.

Then login (If you have logged in to FluxBuilder, sign out and login again__) to see this Flutter Application button:

Step 3 - Click the Flutter Application button and create your own app. That’s all :)

Video guide:


3. Apply Discount Coupon

If you have a coupon, please follow step 1 and 2 above, then continue:

On the Payment screen, click the Continue button:

Next, select the Add Discount button:

Then enter the coupon code, you will see the updated price. That’s all :)