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Delivery Boy app’s plugins

To build a Delivery Boy app (single vendor, WCFM, or Dokan), please install the free MStore API and other plugins to your WooCommerce website so that the app can sync with your data:

Then, in case you have a fresh WordPress website, please follow these 5 easy steps to add demo data and you are good to go (If you are using an existing site, please make sure to back up the database before running the import):

Step 1: Download Options Importer plugin file, then upload and active this plugin on your website (you can find it on the Internet but we recommend using the plugin we provided as we have already modified it to suit the requirement of our Apps)

Step 2: Download both Demo Options and Demo Products (If you wish to use your own products, you can skip the Demo Products file), then go to Tools -> Import -> Run Importer(Options) and upload the Demo Options file.

  • Switch to Specific Options and press Select Defaults and make sure all of the WooCommerce options are selected.
  • If you have already set up the WooCommerce settings and you don't want any new changes to be applied to your configuration, please uncheck the option Override existing options. Otherwise, just leave it like that if your website is newly fresh or you are not sure about your WooCommerce Settings.
  • If you have error during importing the Json file, try to change the json file extension from ".json" to ".json.txt"

Step 3: Import the Demo Products using WooCommerce importer feature. Again, this step is optional.

Step 4: Generate the WooCommerce REST API key and save them to your private file for later usage. Then, go to Legacy API and enable the Enable the legacy REST API. Please make sure to use the Permission as Read to protect your side data as Readonly.

Checking the Rest API configuration:

That's all. You can remove the Options Importer plugin when you are developing on real products.