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Listing API

To build a mobile app for your Listeo, MyListing, or Listing Pro website, please install the free MStore API and other plugins to your admin site so that the app can sync with your data:

1. Website Integration

Go to Tools/REST API Controller and enable these settings:

  1. For Post Types
  • Listeo: listing.
  • Listing Pro: listing, lp-reviews.
  • My Listing: job_listing, case27_listing_type.
  1. For Taxonomies
  • Listeo: listing_category, event_category, service_category, rental_category, listing_feature, region.
  • Listing Pro: listing-category, features, list-tags, location.
  • My Listing: job_listing_category, region.

2. Setup the Regenerate Image

In case your products do not display, missing Image, or a quite slow Image Loading issue, we can fix them by installing the Regenerate Image plugin.

Firstly, go to Setting -> Media, configure your preferred image sizes. This is our recommended settings -

Secondly, go to Tools -> Regenerate Thumbnails and select the button Regenerate Thumbnails For All xx Attachements and wait for the process to complete.

Thirdly, to check the images if they are correctly generated, go to Media and select any image files, then choose Regenerate Thumbnails button. Now you can see if the image is created with format xxx-small or xxx-medium or xxx-large files.

3. Common Issue

If you get ‘failed’ result when Running TroubleShoot on FluxBuilder with your Listeo, MyListing, or ListingPro website, follow the solution below:

The default Woocommerce supports the Rest API, but we need to follow this step to enable the API. This guide is based on the fresh WordPress installing from


WordPress permalinks must be enabled at Settings > Permalinks.

Membership registration

Enable the option Anyone can register.