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PrestaShop API

If you get ‘failed’ result when Running TroubleShoot on FluxBuilder with your PrestaShop website, or you do not see the product’s images, follow the solution below:

  • Install Prestashop Custom API Go to Dashboard > Modules > Module Manager > Upload a module. Select the module ‘’.
  • Create a new webservice key: Go to Dashboard > Advanced > Webservice > Add a new webservice key. Generate your key and select permissions. Click the Save button after finishing the settings. There is a list of required permissions with the method.

GET: address, addresses, attribute, cart_rules, categories, countries, images, languages, order_histories, order_states, orders, payment, product, product_options, product_option_values, products, register, shipping, states

POST:   order, signin

  • Enable Webservice: By default, the webservice feature is disabled on PrestaShop and needs to be switched on before the first use. Go to Dashboard > Advanced > Webservice. Choose “Yes” for the “Enable PrestaShop Webservice” option and click the Save button

For more details about the Prestashop Service API, please refer to this guide.

Setup the Regenerate Image

The first time installing the FluxStore app could cause missing Images or a quite slow Image Loading issue.

Go to Design > Image Settings, add list requirement images if it does not exist: small_default, medium_default, large_default. Then, tap the Regenerate thumbnails button:

That’s all.