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Stripe, Apple & Google Pay

1. Stripe

This native payment is available for WooCommerce apps.

Update Stripe's information into the drag&drop FluxBuilder 

  • Server Endpoint: This is the URL to your Stripe Node Server. Please follow the below tutorial to set up Stripe Node Server.
  • Publishable Key: Publishable key taken from your Stripe dashboard.
  • Payment Method Ids: all ID of your Stripe methods.
  • Enable:  to enable Stripe payment. Default is disable
  • Enable Google Pay: to enable Google Pay payment. To use Google Pay, remember that do not select Version 1 , input Merchant Display Name and Merchant Country Code.
  • Enable ApplePay: enable Apple Pay payment. To use Apple Pay, remember that do not select Version 1 , input Merchant Display Name and Merchant Country Code. Check the guide to create merchantIdentifier.
  • Version: there are version 1, version 3 and version 4
  • Enable Manual Capture: Enable this automatically captures funds when the customer authorizes the payment. Disable will Place a hold on the funds when the customer authorizes the payment, but don’t capture the funds until later (not all payment methods support this). Check Stripe's documentation. Default is disable

Setup Stripe Node Server

If you are using StripeServerNode-v2, update it to the latest StripeServerNode-v3 to use with the latest version.

Use FluxBuilder:

  1. Open your app and go to Features
  2. In Tools → select Deploy Stripe Payment 
  3. Deploy Stripe server and save to your local to update into the Stripe Payment feature

Skip Server Deployment

If you don't want to deploy Stripe server, please skip above step:

In FluxBuilder, please leave Server Endpoint blank:


  • Test API keys (publishable key & secret key) can be taken here.
  • You can use a card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 with any CVV & any future expiry date to test Stripe payment (only works with test keys).
  • To test 3D Secure, you can use this card 4000 0027 6000 3184 or get more at Stripe's documentation.

Multiple Stripe Methods

Tthe apps support native Multiple Payment Methods IDs for the Native Stripe. This means many Payment Methods IDs can be enabled as native payments in the app to be available to use. E.g. Stripe Express, Stripe Connect, etc.

Use FluxBuilder

  1. Open your app on FluxBuilder

  2. Go to Features → Stripe → input Payment Method IDs and click on the +  button

  3. Click Apply and Save

The Capture Later

Learn more at Stripe's documentation.

Save Checkout Info

The feature is available for Woocommerce, Pro (Woocommerce) and Multi Vendors, supports Version 4 of Stripe payment saving Cards so your customers don't need to enter checkout information every time they pay.

Note: if you are using an old version and want to use version 4 then have to redeploy the Stripe Payment (refer to the guide Setup Stripe Node Server above).

Use FluxBuilder:

  1. Open your app on FluxBuilder and navigate to the Features section.

  2. Select "Stripe Payment"

  3. In the Stripe Payment settings, choose "Version 4" to use the latest version of the Stripe payment integration.

  4. Toggle the "Enable Save Card" option to the "On" position.

  5. Click Apply

2. Apple Pay

Available for WooCommerce:

  1. Take a look at the integration requirements.
  1. Create a merchant identifier for your business.
  1. Create a payment processing certificate to encrypt payment information.

Then upload the created payment processing certificate to your Stripe account.

  1. Update configs by FluxBuilder

  1. Release to TestFlight before testing with live keys. To test with test keys, use an iOS simulator.

3. Google Pay

Available for WooCommerce:

  1. Take a look at the integration requirements.
  2. Sign in to the business console and create a business.
  3. Fill in all business information and Request production access to the Google Pay API for your app. You can wait a few days for the validation.
  4. Update these configs in FluxBuilder: go to Features → in Payment Methods, select Stripe Payment → turn on Enabled StripeEnable Google Pay → input Merchant Display Name and Merchant Country Code→ click Apply and Save.
  5. Upload your app to Google Play Console (Internal testing/Closed testing track) and download it from Play Store to test.

That’s all :)